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where do aliens hang out


this post is back again and im glad bc i get to watch people get confused about v b n m again

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my foot is asleep

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One nation, under Canada, above Mexico.

with liberty and justice for some 

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my parents’ initials are bs and ja and when they were dating they used to call each other bull shit and jack ass and i think that’s beautiful

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oh yeah…….bob dylan — harmonica man// all along the lighthouse don’t understand what you can’t criticize haha.! love that guy

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toddlers are essentially just drunk college kids

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mainly I want to know when and how evolution came up with boners

prompts a person to imagine people struggling to have sex with flaccid dicks which is a great visual

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hey wanna hear a joke

well too bad someone on tumblr might take it seriously

and what the fuck do you mean by that

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a trans woman’s beauty is not determined by how well she can adhere to cis-centric standards of beauty

a non-white woman of color’s beauty is not determined by how well she can adhere to euro-centric beauty standards

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a dude at the gym just reached in his bag, pulled out a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, smiled & shook his head like that’s just something that happens to people, put it back and then pulled out a bottle of water instead

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welcome to The Accidental Shipping Club, where our motto is “I never meant for this to happen to me”

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